Céline Caro

Successively trained at the International Higher School Marie-Claude Pietragalla in Marseille, at the Paris Opera and the Conservatory of Nice. Celine finishes her training at Rosella Hightower International School under the direction of Monique Loudière.

She then got hired in the Académie d’été du Jeune Ballet d’Europe where she danced “Recuerdos” under the direction of Jean Charles Gil and a creation of Josette Baiz. Her career continued at the Theatre of Limoges and then at the Nice Opera for two winter seasons. There, she interpreted the great ballets of the classical repertoire such as Nutcracker, Giselle …

In 2005 she joined the cast of the Crazy Horse, first as a soloist dancer. She was then appointed Captain and Show Manager of the touring company with whom she traveled and performed around the world: Paris, Singapore, Montreal, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazakstan, Tahiti, The Sechelles and many others cities … Having participated in the creation of five revues, she collaborated with big names such as Sophia Balma, Molly Molloy, Philippe Decouflé, Ali Madavi or Christian Louboutin whom took her to New York to record some of the soundtrack with rapper Swizz Beatz.

Titular of a State Diploma of classical dance professor, Celine has also taught at several conservatories.

Her thirst for new horizons brought Céline to join the Compagnie in 2014. She also assisted Lionel Hun, the choreographer, on many masterclasses and events and helped with the creation of TRANS in 2015.

Anthony Yung

Anthony Yung begins hip hop dance in 2001. His first dance steps were self-taught, until he met the group “Aktuel Force”, a pioneer group of Hip-Hop in France, that instilled in him a solid foundation in B.Boyin.

Coming from an underground scene, he developed his art within the group “Total Feeling Crew” which he founded in 2002. They showed themselves through events like the Battle Of The Year France, the Notorious IBE, and other international events.

In 2005 he became professionalized by integrating the Company “Sekoswing” and the collective “Bounce and Sound” with which he works mainly in the events (exhibitions, tv set, concert, conventions …). In 2007, he formed his own group, “HomeStreetHome” with which he participated in several choreographic competitions mixing dance hip-hop, salsa and humor. In 2009, he joined the “Zakat Dance Company” directed by Julie Magneville, in which he developed his technique in modern, classic and contemporary.

Anthony Yung joined the Compagnie in 2012, during the creation of [] INFLUX and since then worked on many events of the company.

Héloise Vellard

Born in France, Heloise studied dance at the National Conservatory of Avignon .

At the end of her studies she joined the Saarländisches Staatsteater in Germany under the direction of Marguerite Donlon , then the company Introdans (Netherlands) under the direction of Roel Voorinholt . She then went to the Danish Dance Theater ( Denmark) under the direction of Tim Ruston until she eventually decide to work as a freelance .

She danced in productions of Jiri Kylian , Hans van Manen , Lucinda Childs, Ed Wubbe , Patrick Delcroix , Marguerite Donlon , Adi Salant , Tim Rushton, James O’Hara, Fernando Hernando Magadan , Geoges Momboye Johan Amselem , André Mesquita, Stuart Lynch … Heloise also studied music and comedy.

She joined the Company in 2012 Hybrid during the creation of [] INFLUX and works on many events of the company.

Régis Truchy

After four years of ballet school and two years of figure skating, Regis discovered hip-hop in 1984. Fascinated by body movement he became a professional dancer in 1994. From Pina Bausch to Mc Solaar, he has demonstrated the extent of his talents as a performer and a creator, for staging and choreography (for brands such as Mont Blanc, the group NTM, or the movie the Triplets of Belleville …) in France and abroad, with musicians, movies, music videos and also in musicals, classic and contemporary productions.

Regarded as a leading figure in hip-hop, he was a judge at the world championships.
As his carreer advances, he leans more towards comedy though his encounters and collaborators (Philippe Caubère, Sylvie Guillem, Leonid Leikin, Betsy Baytos …).

He also works at Cirque du Soleil where he created a clownish character “The Waver”. He also won a price Cirque du Soleil for best performance and artistic innovation, at the World Circus Festival.

Régis Truchy joined the Compagnie Hybride in 2012 and worked on many events of the company since then.

Ingrid Le Roch

Trained at the National Conservatory of Dance of Avignon, it incorporates the age of 15 years the Ballet of the City of Popes led by Nicole Calise Petracchi and intervenes several times as a ballet with the Avignon Opera.

After a stint at Victor Ullate and Carmen Roche in Madrid, she signed a contract at the Theatre of Valencia as assistant choreography and dancer Patrick de Bana. It participates in the International Dance Festival in Cuba, in particular with the National Ballet Company of Cuba to Romeo and Juliet. It also works with leading choreographers as Inmaculada Rubio, Ramon Oller, Thomas Noon …

Back in France, after a brief stint at the Avignon Opera she decides to leave for Madrid discover and learn flamenco. Between “Amor de Dios” and “El Horno” or she rubs the largest; Maria Juncal, Yara Castro, Joaquin Grillo … She dances in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to flamenco Ballet Fernandez-Ramos then left for 2-year tour with the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet in the United States as the main soloist dancer, coach and implementation scene.

In 2008, she joined the company led by Cavalia Normand Latourelle, Quebec, in 2010 Coy E.go on creating “short time” Eric Mezzino and in March 2011 for the tour of the circus André Heller “Magnifico” Germany, with a horse solo release. Entry in June 2011 alongside Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado as a trainer of dance and performance art to the city of Tarascon horse. It also creates a dance duet with Julia Clavière horse. September 2011 creation and choreographer of the Company Divine side of Adamo Isabelle. In 2012 she will attend the Golden Horse Manes Avignon Passion and the issuance TV Best Dance on M6.

She joined the Company in 2012 Hybrid intervening in many international events as well as a recovery role on the room [] INFLUX.

Link Berthomieux

Trained at the Choreographic Center La Manufacture led by Vendetta Mathea in Aurillac, Link Berthomieux evolves in contact with different dance styles, from contemporary to hip hop, ballet and jazz.

He followed international tours on stage since the age of 12, with a first in China and the US, as well as hip hop battles and meetings throughout Europe since 2006.

Titular of a a state diploma of Dance professor in contemporary dance , Link Berthomieux teaches and conducts creative workshops since 2010 . Link is notably a member of the company Vendetta Mathea & Co and a co-founder of the Supreme Legacy crew . He participated in the creation “Rock It All” Yaman Okur , Brahim Zaibat and Hafid Sour and toured in France and Belgium.

Link joined the Compagnie Hybride with the 2015 creation 2015, TRANS and since then participated in many events of the company.

Nathalie Fauquette

Nathalie Fauquette est une ancienne gymnaste française spécialisée en gymnastique rythmique. Elle est aujourd’hui danseuse, comédienne et professeur de yoga.

Elle a commencé la gymnastique à l’âge de sept ans, d’abord au club de Villeneuve-d’Ascq puis Haubourdin et enfin Calais GRS où elle fut entraînée par Katia Guillère.

En 2008, Kamel Ouali l’intègre à la troupe de sa comédie musicale Cléopâtre, la dernière reine d’Égypte.

En 2010, elle interprête le rôle de Mina dans le spectacle Dracula, L’Amour plus Fort que la Mort. Elle y danse et joue la comédie.

En 2012 elle intègre la compagnie José Montalvo et obtient sa certification Yoga Alliance en tant que Professeur de Yoga.

Nathalie Fauquette rejoint la Compagnie Hybride sur le spectacle des ANOC awards 2016 au Qatar, et participe depuis aux événements de la compagnie.

Sandra Mercky

Classical, hip hop and modern dancer. Sandra began dancing at the age of 5 with a transing in classical and jazz. She studied at the Rosella Hightower Dancing School of Cannes, the Young Ballet of the Geneva Dance Center and participates in the Collegiate Summer Intensive at the American Ballet Theater.

Hired in 2006 by the company Moves and Lines, she moved to Paris where she worked with various companies and choreographers such as Christèle Venet, Vanessa Villain, Violetta Sydorenko and Ethery Pagava.

She trains herself in Hip Hop dance allowing her to expand her professional horizons and to intervene at concerts, sportwear / cosmetic brands events (Adidas, Estee Lauder …), TV (documentary directed by Nils Tavernier, Telefilm “the true story of snow white” and many TV shows) and musical such as “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” and “Adam and Eve”, “the second chance” from Pascal Obispo. She’s also in a play of Don Quichotte du Trocadéro with José Montalvo.

Sandra is now working to develop her own style of dance by mixing her classical and hip hop techniques and her pointe work.

She joined the Compagnie Hybride in 2012, with the the creation[] INFLUX and works on many events of the company.

Elodie Auger

Après une formation de danseuse à l’Ecole de L’Opéra de Paris, et à Rudra Béjart à Lausanne.

Elodie fait de nombreuses tournées en France et à l’étranger avec Rudra Béjart. Elle participe également à certaines créations, elle est ensuite engagée par le Béjart Ballet Lausanne pour deux pièces importantes : « Le Sacre du Printemps et le Boléro », et participe à l’Opéra de Stravinsky, «The Rake’s Progress » avec l’Opéra de Lausanne. Elle va passer par la suite un an avec le Groupe France Jeune Compagnie de la Fédération Française de Danse.

Elodie prépare et obtient son Diplôme d’Etat de professeur de danse classique en 2002 à l’Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower. Par la suite elle obtiendra son Diplôme en « Méthode Aesthésique » et devient thérapeute corporel en 2012. Elle enseignera dans différentes grandes structures françaises, comme l’ESDC Rosella Hightower, l’Université de Nice et le Conservatoire de Strasbourg.

En 2011 elle intègre la Zakat Dance Company en tant que danseuse soliste et assistante chorégraphe. En 2012 elle co-crée et dirige la Zakat Dance School Centre de formation professionnel jusqu’en 2014. Puis elle participe à différents projets artistiques pour le cinéma, sur scène avec Mr Larrio Ekson, Disneyland Paris tout en continuant de danser pour la Cie Julie Magneville. Aujourd’hui co-créatrice du concept « Smart Bodies » et formée en Ayurveda, Elodie conjugue avec joie sa vie d’Artiste Interprète (danseuse, chanteuse) et de Thérapeute Corporel.

Elodie Auger rejoint la Compagnie Hybride en 2015 et depuis participe aux nombreux évènements de la compagnie.

Billy Tran

Billy Tran debuted his career after training at Studio Harmonic.

He joins the company ‘Passengers’, he tours around the world with them, and works as an aerial acrobat (Russia, China, Kenya, Syria, India, Dubai, Brazil …) for nearly two years. His ambition and skills takes him to the stage of the Trianon to play in the musical ‘Hair’, and at the Casino de Paris to for a role in ‘The Little Mermaid’ and then in the ‘Lion King’ at the Mogador theater, where he played the last two seasons.

Courted for his experience and versatility, Billy has danced for Bollywood, singers such as Jennifer, Pascal Obispo, Selena Gomez, and the TV show Star Academy Lebanon … But also in TV commercials, starring celebrities such as Hugh Jackman for Lipton or Amel Bent for Weight Watchers. He also worked with many choreographers Tatiana Séguin, Raphael Canet Duvergé, Redha, Hakim Ghorab, Julia Spiesser or Jonathan Huor.

Billy joins the company in 2015 to work on the new creation of TRANS and on many events.