P.O.’s 70th Anniversary


Mandated by Auditoire, Compagnie Hybride created 4 choregraphic interventions synchronized with 2 giant robot arms. A show celebrating the of the 70 year anniversary of Plastic Omnium at the Grand Palais of Paris.

Production : Auditoire
Direction : Fanny Moreau
Choreography : Lionel Hun
Performers : Régis Truchy, Andrea Catozzi
Costumes : Caroline Denquin
Music : B&S Prod – Sebastien Peronnet / Aubry Bastien

Orange | Show Hello 2017


On the occasion of the 5th edition of the Orange Group’s Show Hello, Compagnie Hybride joins Havas Events, SUPERBIEN and Start-Rec for a final mixing singing a capella, beatboxing, sign language, dance and body percussion.


Production : Havas Events
Artistic direction / Video content : SUPERBIEN
Artistic coordination : Audrey Baldacci
Choreography : Lionel HUN
Performers : Nathalie Fauquette – Régis Truchy
Musical composition : Start-rec
Photo : John Mascaro


05/04/2017ILE DES EMBIEZ

A powerful duo inside a 360° interactive installation was presented during the Chivas Gala, for the Pernod-Ricard group on the Embiez island.


Production : ADR Prod
Artistic Direction / Choreography : Lionel HUN
Artiste / Performer : Anthony Yung – Antonio Mvuani Gaston
Video Content : Magic Bird
Music composition : Sebastien Peronnet
Photography : John Mascaro

50th Anniversary P&V


A choreographic gesture commissioned by La Societe Anonyme via Derviche Diffusion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pierre & Vacances at the Grand Palais.


Production : La Société Anonyme
Diffusion : Derviche Diffusion
Artistic Direction and Choreography : Lionel HUN
Performers : Celine Caro, Nathalie Fauquette,Anthony Yung, Link Berthomieux, Andrea Catozzi, Steve De Sousa



VIVACY entrusts to the Cie Hybride various artistic interventions for its closing evening at the Pavillon Vendôme.


Production: JAYWALK
Artistic Direction : Lionel HUN
Performers : Mélodie Caillieret – Julie Camous – Celine Caro – Harmony Levy – LinkBerthomieux – Andrea Catozzi- Steve De Sousa – Tran Billy – Régis Truchy
Costumes : Caroline Denquin



On the occasion of the Vivacy Sublimation exhibition, the Compagnie Hybride in collaboration with DS Events presents an artistic installation on the sublimation of the body and the elasticity of the skin at the Wagram Pavilion, from January 25 to 27.


Production : DS Events
Artistic Direction / Choreography : Lionel HUN
Performers : Celine Caro – Nathalie Fauquette – Tran Billy – Golan Yosef
Scenography : Frédéric & Thomas Beauclair
Photos : Jonathan Mascaro

YOUTUBE Brandcast 2016


For the Youtube Brandcast 2016, Auditoire commissioned Compagnie Hybride to create the opening, a choreographic duo with the artist MB 14 and a final with the band Synapson feat. Anna Kova.


Production : AUDITOIRE
Staging : Fanny Moreau pro
Artistic Coordination : Audrey Baldacci
Choreography : Lionel HUN
Performers : Celine Caro, Nathalie Naranjo, Magali Lesueur, Andrea Catozzi, Anthony Yung, Link Berthomieux
Video content (MB 14 Feat. Andrea Catozzi) : SUPERBIEN
Music : Start-Rec
Costumes Design : Caroline Denquin



As part of the award ceremony of the Olympic Committee, ANOC Awards 2016, several performances around the sporting gesture and under the colors of the universality of the Olympic spirit have been specially choreographed.







Production : Auditoire Qatar
Show Direction / Staging : Bags Création – Sabri Tekaïa
Direction Images / Video content : Pixel n’Pepper – Nathanaelle Picot
Artistic Direction / Choreography : Compagnie Hybride – Lionel HUN
Artists / Performers : Céline Caro, Nathalie Fauquette, Andréa Catozzi, Anthony Yung, Link Berthomieux
Music : Start-Rec
Costumes Design : Caroline Denquin
Light Design : Régis Maire
Scenography : Serge Coiffard



For the women’s finals of the FED CUP 2016, an opening ceremony introducing the flags of France and the Czech Republic was created. Both nations were competing at the Rhénus Sport in Strasbourg.



Production : Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT)
Project Director : Jérémie Nassir
Artistic Coordination : Audrey Baldacci
Artistic direction : Lionel Hun
Choreography : Abdelhafid Zekhnini
Performers : Guillaume Ranson, Nacer Manseur
Musical Composition : Sebastien Peronnet



For the IAA 2016 motorshow in Hannover, an interactive performances was created for the launch of the Nissan Navara and NV300.

Production : HOPSCOTCH
Artistic Direction & Video Content : Tarik Benlarbi
Choreography : Lionel HUN
Performer : Anthony Yung
Musical Composition : Chut on vous ecoute