Compagnie Hybride is pleased to announce its new 2018 creation: CLIMAX

As part of the movement of the new contemporary writings, CLIMAX is positioned in the continuity of the productions of the company. After [] INFLUX (2012) and TRANS (2015), this third part is defined as a transversal project around a current theme that concerns us all: climate change.
When talking about a subject of this magnitude, in front of the immense task that it represents, can we perceive the direct impact of our actions?
Today we are at the climax, facing the greatest challenge of our generation, will we wait for the downfall to take action? We could think that it would be a drop of water in the ocean, but does not the ocean need every drop of water?
Join us!
Support and contribute to the emergence of a creative and innovative project.
The company is currently looking for partners, patrons, producers, companies, institutions or generous donors.
Contact us by email at contact@compagniehybride.com to exchange with us on this beautiful project !


Resist alteration. Overcome adversity. Live for a new day.
A thought to the victims of July 14, 2016.

Artistic Direction : Lionel Hun
Performer : Celine Caro
Costumes : Dulcie Best
Directed by : John Mascaro


TRANS – Creation 2015

Choreographic multimedia piece for 7 dancers.

Length : 75 min

Expressing the idea of traversal, change, passage, travel, TRANS translates a process, a transitory state, a desire to go beyond.

In this creation, we explore themes related to the transformation of the body and mind, the human condition and its relationship with technology. Questioning the internal and conflictual dialogue between progress and identity, productivity and sprirituality, globalization and tradition.

The body is in a spiritual conversation between heaven and earth, its revolt through immobility offers us an empty architecture like a moult, meanwhile in a movement, the body is delivered from this second skin, reborn.

Choreographic research revolves around this perpetual and daily renaissance ; To dress as a garment, a personality, an attitude, a gesture, whether it be proper to us or appropriated.

A specific work with traditional light, video projected and initiator of the movement allows us to express a vision, to claim a situation as an ephemeral trace in space and time. The relation of the transmission of the movement from the light allows us to perceive the human through its path, its imprint, its trace.

Questioning the passage of the modern man on earth, the choreographic intention is supported by a scenography allowing the exploration of different states of bodies articulated by evolutive characters. The choreographic writing finds its foundation through the founding gestures to evolve in the course of the piece in a virtuoso and sophisticated dance.

The performance is a metamorphosis of the body, of the mind, it questions the creative spirituality of the gaze, the fragility of anonymous and yet so familiar characters, wrapped in mystery and strangeness.


Artistic Direction & Choreography : Lionel Hun

Performers : Céline Caro, Ingrid Le Roch, Mylèna Leclercq, Link Berthomieux, Hamza El Hilali Cherckaoui, Billy Tran, Dimitri Vandal

Video Content : Nicolas Gouelle, Nathanaelle Picot, Johnathan Mascaro

Light Design : Guillaume Sarrouy

Musical Composition : Murielle Hun, Anthony Giordano

Plastician : Simo Aagadi

Costumes : Patrick Bosano, Mylie Maury

For the creation of TRANS, Compagnie Hybride received the support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council, the General Council of Vaucluse and the City of Avignon. She was hosted at National Dance Center, the Choreographic Development Center “Les Hivernales” , Le “Transformateur” Ballet of Europe , “La Manufacture” Choreographic centre of Vendetta Mathea and at the “Retouramont” company’s residency.


[ ] INFLUX – Création 2012
Choreographic multimedia piece for 6 dancers and 1 violonist

Length : 60 minutes


[] INFLUX is for the interaction of the fluxes of the individual with its environment. It revolves around mixing the art of movement confronting the material body, with the immaterial of computing.


Fluxes ? They are those of the human body, of information, of a sociological and cultural reality where man and computers cohabit; Fluxes that we face every day, which surround us as much as they compose us.


[] INFLUX is an original creation that questions the human condition, its relationship with technology, its identity through its natural and cultural heritage. To reinforce this confusion of fluxes, between reality and virtuality, the stage space is constructed so as to highlight these exchanges, support them, accompany them and even destroy them. The decor is a living element in perfect symbiosis with the dancers to support the choreography without ever crushing it.


[] INFLUX is an ambitious and innovative piece, both for its choreographic purpose and for the use of new technologies in stage design. The decor is transformed at leisure, with physical and narrative displacements, to provide a new playing space for the dancers, while carefully avoiding falling into the corners of an overly experimental room addressed to a restricted audience.


Investing in the field of interdisciplinarity, this project of the young choreographer Lionel Hun for Compagnie Hybride evolves halfway between dance, video-mapping and scenographic design. This first project is a collaboration with the multimedia creators Guillaume Sarrouy and Nicolas Gouelle; a multimedia choreographic spectacle in keeping with the trends of the new contemporary writings.


Scenic creation is perceived as a variable space using cubic structures on which a multitude of digital landscapes are video-projected. A performance that challenges the role of the performer and questions the viewer’s vision.

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Lionel Hun

Performers : Lionel Hun, Anthony Yung, Anne-Charlotte Couillaud, Célia Ruiz, Steve Guimaraes, Héloise Vellard

Video Content : Nicolas Gouelle

Light Design : Guillaume Sarrouy

Musical Composition : Miako Klein, Jean-Charles Zambo

Costumes : Voriagh – Vivien Steinder, Hélène Dufresne & Emira Amami

 For the creation of [ ] INFLUX, the Compagnie Hybride received support from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the General Council of Vaucluse, the City of Avignon and the Spedidam. She was hosted in residence at the National Dance Center, the Choreographic Development Center “Les Hivernales” and at the National Center of Spectacle Writings “La Chartreuse” in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.



“HOMMAGE” a tribute to Madame Nicole Calise-Petracchi at the Opera-theatre of Avignon


Choreography: Lionel Hun

Performers : Lionel Hun, Mehdi Baki, Nonoka Kato, Steve Guimaraes, Valentina Pace

© Cédric Delestrade



HOPE – Video and dance creation for Japan



Fukushima, March 11 2011. Lionel Hun, dancer-choreographer, was performing in Tokyo during the earthquake and tsunami. Four days later, he evacuated to Macau and there, decided to express his love and pay tribute to Japan by making this video-dance named “Hope”.

Artistic Direction, Choreography and performance: Lionel Hun
Video : Tozé Soares
Musical Composition : Olivier Milchberg – Piano : Olivier Milchberg,, Violon : Miako Klein, Violoncelle : Maria Elena Medina Riera