Hypnotic Infinite

Beyond reality, enter the illusion where the only limit is your imagination.





Imprisoned with mirrors, inside an endless mirage, the artist will enchant you in a multiple face to face…

A tunnel of light? Yes, but even more! Adapting to all styles, this deception can be made dance, contortion, reverie and abstraction according to your fantasies.


Creative Concept & Artistic Direction : Lionel Hun

Shadow Box

From the shadow to the light, according to your imagination, this secret box will exalt your guests.


Revealed by light through the canvas, silhouettes emerge and fascinate your audience.


In solo, duo, or full number, this theater of shadows will offer you a dreamlike and fantastic journey.


Creative Concept & Artistic Direction : Lionel Hun


The “Stellas” such as stars, evading gravity, will enchant you between leaning and swaying.

A red carpet? They will greet your guests with grace and elegance …

Defying gravity? Yes, but even more! They can adorn many forms, from dance to music, fire, gold or light , they harmonize with all your ideas and fantaisies.


Creative Concept & Artistic Direction: Lionel Hun



Hypermedia interactive installation – Visual Performance Light Painting


Creative Concept & Artistic Direction : Lionel Hun
Hypermedia conception : Nicolas Gouelle

Music : Acid Pauli – Man O To

Video : Thibault Eichenlaub

Shot at the Old Fire Fighter Station of Avignon



[ ] INFLUX – Work in progress #1 – Creation 2012
Choreographic & Multimedia piece for 6 dancers and 1 violonist





Creative Concept and Artistic Direction: Lionel Hun

Musical Composition: Miako Klein, Jean-Charles Zambo

Liht Design & Multimedia : Guillaume Sarrouy, Nicolas Gouelle

Performers: Lionel Hun, Anthony Yung, Anne-Charlotte Couillaud, Célia Ruiz, Steve Guimaraes, Sandra Mercky



First Motorized Test of the Antigravity Structures



Concept and Artistic Direction: Lionel Hun
Performer : Sandra Mercky
Costume prototype : Lucas Mäthger
Music : Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (Stern* disco edit)

Studio Micadanses, Paris